Andersen & Andersen

Don't be afraid to keep it dark

For a project during my second year at the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) the task was to shoot a photo series for Danish sweater designer Andersen & Andersen. I decided to base my project off of the functionality of the sweaters, which is primarily to keep you warm, and the fact that everything is hand made. This led to a style with an emphasis on raw Scandinavian nature, while also being influenced by lighting techniques found in golden age paintings.

As part of the research phase I was introduced to the concept of using darkness as a dominant part of the pictures. Not just low key photos, but having darkness play a crucial role in the series, this is in part due to the darkness being an integral part of the Scandinavian nature, but also because it brings an element of mystique to the series, which helped to make the photos more interesting to the viewer and keeping a level of curiosity while going through the series.

The Book

Part of the project was also to create a hardback book as a deliverable to the client. To stay within the theme of Scandinavian nature I decided to bind the book in white ash wood and leather.
The project was an overall success, with positive feedback from both the client and peers alike.

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