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Seven Magazine

For the second year exam at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, our task was to create a magazine over the span of two months. The magazine that my group worked on was named Seven Magazine, and contained articles inspired by themes such as spirituality, science, esoteric knowledge and culture. For my article I chose to work with Japanese culture which led the project towards Shinto religion and the ancient rituals associated within.

The series started out as a fashion photoshoot (we could choose between fashion, lifestyle of food for our article), but seemed shallow when compared to the amount of information and subject matter discovered during my research of shinto practice. This turned the project from a fashion to a fashion/lifestyle article, allowing me to delve deeper into what shinto and misogi was about, and how it correlated to modern day lifestyles. 
In the end, the result was a photo series exploring the shinto practice, its roots in ancient religions, effect on style and fashion, correlation with nature as well as how such an ancient practice affects the human body.

The photographic style aims to display something mystic yet entirely real, with minimal use of editing, and all effects done in camera, trying to recreate the spirituality of shinto religion through use of natural elements.
Together with several other articles, the magazine ended up receiving the second highest grade possible, being praised for a well executed and thoroughly consistent concept and photographs.


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